Wednesday, 4 October 2017


''Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart''- William Wordsworth 

In aid of the Birmingham Literature Festival which starts this weekend, I wanted to do a quick reflection post on how important writing is to me...

In more ways than one, writing has saved me. 

Writing is like therapy to me. As dramatic or far-fetched as it may seem to some, writing is my passion and I think it will one day prove to be my purpose in life too. 

My Mum always instilled a love of reading and writing for enjoyment into my brother and I growing up. I'm so glad that reading before bed became a part of our daily routine as children, because my love of putting my thoughts to paper (or in a blog post!) is all borne from story time with Mummy as a child and the admiration I had for the authors who created the stories I would relive night after night in my childhood. 

I love to write stories and poems in my spare time, a strange and unfamiliar construct now that I'm in third year. I adore the feeling of letting my mind wander and allowing my imagination to go wild. 

The feeling of looking down on an empty page from a notebook is a liberating one, for there are no limitations or restrictions. An empty notebook is  waiting to be subject to all your thoughts, feelings, stories, views of the world. It's a  blissful sort of freedom in that respect. 

I think it's so important to relive the feeling of writing for pleasure once in a while because in our busy and technology fuelled lives, it's easy enough to forget the simple pleasures of putting a pen to paper and watching your thoughts and feelings flow effortlessly on the page. Or picking up a book and feeling utter escapism for an hour or two...

Antonia x 


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