Monday, 7 November 2016


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Ahead of tomorrow’s US parliamentary election, I really wanted to do a quick post expressing my opinions on both candidates and my predictions as to what happens from here. I’ve followed the entire process really closely and have found it really interesting to spectate.

When Trump first emerged as a potential candidate for presidency, the whole world laughed in his permanently flushed face. Yet somehow, Trump is still standing in the final parliamentary hurdle (the mind boggles). Some American voters have expressed that they don’t like either of the remaining choices and seem to be voting for Trump, just for the hell of it. While I agree that Hilary Clinton may not be quite as radical a change as America needs, let’s just review exactly who she’s up against for a minute.

Here stands a man, who will face a fraud and racketeering trial later this month, proposing to ban an entire religion from entering the US and who plans to build a wall to prevent an entire nation of ‘’rapists’’, ''criminals'' and ''drug addicts'' from entering. In recent weeks, there have been a series of very serious exposés, the first of which concerning a lewd conversation between Trump and Billy Bush in 2005, where Trump essentially condoned sexual assault and bragged about grabbing women by the ‘pussy’. In the weeks that followed, a number of women stepped forward claiming that they too had been victims of Trump’s unwanted sexual advances. The next potential US President adds further insult to injury, by claiming that all women should be punished for having abortions. And to all breastfeeding mothers out there, just letting you know that you’re disgusting in the eyes of the inspirational Mr Trump.

And yet to some, Clinton is somehow seen as comparable to Trump as an equally ‘’terrible’’ presidential candidate. Let’s review again, shall we?

For one, Clinton has extensive foreign policy experience and let’s not undermine the significance of that. We can of course debate whether Clinton is the ‘right’ woman for the honour of being President but nonetheless, having a female president would doubtlessly strengthen the US, counteracting hundreds of years of male hegemony in US politics. I’m not suggesting that Clinton embodies the perfect presidential candidate but despite her flaws, I believe that as President she will be a servant to the public, through greatly needed improvements to education for example.

The thought of Donald Trump becoming President terrifies me; just imagine the nature of the aggressive and not to mention dangerous foreign policy he would launch.  The appointment of this irrational, irresponsible clown would inflict unthinkable damage around the world.

It ought to be unthinkable, but it’s not unthinkable anymore. It’s a very real possibility that he may indeed become President. His promises to ''Make America Great Again'' will amount to nothing more than making America ''hate'' again. 

So to all American voters out there, you've heard my final plea to Dump the Trump and vote for Clinton. And if I haven't convinced you, a quick watch of the infamous video by The Washington Post ought to do it. Or just watch any interview or video footage with him in it at all actually. It's sure to make your blood boil...

Antonia x 


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