Tuesday, 4 July 2017


After my recent trip to Rome with my boyfriend, I have come to the conclusion that whoever said Paris was the city of love, clearly never visited Rome! 

I've read lots of travel diaries on blogs before but I decided that the best way to share my trip on my blog was simply to write some of the few reasons why I have fallen in love with the unforgettable city, which I hope you enjoy reading! 

The People
There is something so charming about the Italian culture and way of life which makes you feel so at home, where ever you happen to stumble across and the people are always so warming. 

The Food (and of course, the wine!) 
Rome is probably one of the most famous cities in the world for eating and drinking and it's safe to say, I definitely embraced that. An Aperol Spritz is already a firm favourite of mine and definitely made an appearance (or two!) in my recent trip. Ordering seafood is a holiday must have for me, especially when I visit Mediterranean countries but the seafood in Rome is out of this world! 

Cafe Culture
I adore the cafe culture in Italy. After cramming in so much sightseeing, it became a daily ritual to grab a coffee or a drink for an hour or so in the early afternoon and just watch the world go by in the crowded piazzas. 

The Coffee
Coffee lovers, rejoice! Italians know a thing or two about good coffee and will happily serve you your second (or third!) morning coffee without judgement. 

Rome's Rustic Charm 
As a city laced with so much ancient history, the buildings and architecture are in keeping with this rich history, which makes a refreshing change from the futuristic high-rise feel of many other European cities. It's safe to say that my boyfriend, who is currently reading for a degree in Ancient History, doubled up as my very own personal tour guide around the magnificent Colosseum and the Roman Forum. 

The Weather 
Rome is subject to glorious weather and blue skies, pretty much all year round! It was so lovely to be able to stroll around in a simple cami top and a pair of shorts! 

Fontana di Trevi
The iconic Trevi Fountain did not disappoint! As one of Rome's most famous tourist spots, it was very busy all day long. But it was so nice to cool off near the fountain and sit for a while with some gelato in hand and to take it all in! 

Via Del Corso 
Via Del Corso is Rome's most visited shopping district, within walking distance from both the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. My favourite shops to browse through were Zara and Mango!

I had the most amazing time! Hope you enjoyed reading! 

Antonia x 



  1. love this post! I went last September and can't wait to go back x


  2. Hi fellas,
    Thank you so much for this wonderful article really!
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