Wednesday, 26 April 2017


One of the things I miss the most about my home town when I'm at uni, is all of my favourite places to go out to eat and drink (because let's face it, food is life!) Since it first opened last Summer, Satollo has slowly crept it's way up to the very top of my list of favourite places to go to in Marlow, so I thought it was only fitting that I should do a little write up! 

In an era of chain coffee shops and restaurants which plague Marlow's high-street, it has become abundantly clear to me that Marlow is in dire need of a range of independent and authentic cafes and restaurants to choose from. And Satollo , which is tucked away in Liston Court, has more than filled that gap. So it's no surprise to me that it's become Marlow's independent business success story!

I've stopped off for coffee breaks here countless times and I have never been disappointed with what the authentic Italian cafe has to offer. A black Americano for £2.30 hits the caffeine spot and tastes far nicer and more authentic than anything Starbucks could ever dream of serving. There's also a range of pastries, cakes and baguettes to choose from in the day, as well as Italian produce such as cheese, ham, fresh bread, olive oil and wine! 

I decided to extend my love affair with this charming little cafe by opting to go for dinner here with my boyfriend on Easter weekend on one of their infamous vinyl nights (the cafe/restaurant is open until 11pm most days). After looking at the selected wines menu, I decided on a glass of white wine from Sardinia (large, of course) and it was absolutely lovely! 

Now, I absolutely love seafood but whenever I seem to order seafood dishes in the UK, I'm often left bitterly disappointed as they almost always lack the fresh factor which I love so much, emblematic of the Mediterranean diet. Nonetheless, when I scouted frutti di mare on the menu, I ploughed ahead and ordered it with the highest of hopes that Satollo would break the cycle of my anticlimactic encounters with seafood dishes. My boyfriend meanwhile, ordered the vegetarian lasagne. There was bread and olives galore to graze on while we waited for our mains and the atmosphere was absolutely lovely, as Italian jazz played softly in the background. 

When the mains arrived, I was in seafood heaven! It was fresh and seasoned to perfection. And my boyfriend seemed to enjoy his lasagne as well, judging by the chorus of 'mmmms' at least! 

I would definitely recommend a trip here if you're local to the area. It makes a refreshing change from the uniform experiences you can expect to have in chain restaurants and it has such a unique and lovely atmosphere! 

Antonia x 


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