Sunday, 19 February 2017


I cannot thank Kiko Bun enough, for bringing the raw talent that is Loyle Carner into the spotlight (well for me anyway!) I quickly realised after one listen of Loyle Carner's 'October' featuring Kiko Bun, that Loyle Carner has something very special and unique about him and I predict that 2017 will be his year to shine. 

It would be the easiest thing in the world to write off Loyle Carner as another grime/hip hop musician from South London, before you even listen to his music. The modern face of hip hop is characterised by meaningless lyrics, heavily auto-tuned beats and a lot of needless expletives, so I'd forgive you for questioning what another South Londoner musician could possibly offer to the face of contemporary rap and hip hop. 

But my answer is simple. Loyle Carner's lyrics are eloquent, sensitive and utterly confessional. His sound is achingly heartfelt and drips with nostalgia and meaning. The 22 year old lays himself hopelessly bare in his music; his family is centrepiece to all of his tracks, where he plays homage to his late stepdad, grandparents and his Mum.  Carner is a poet and a visonary artist who has completely subverted many of the assumptions of the hip hop scene and what a grime/hip hop musician is all about. 

I had the privilege of going to one of his concerts this week and I was completely astounded by how brilliantly talented a man, who is only 2 years older than myself could be. He oozes with charisma, charm and his ability to engage with his audience so effortlessly is incredibly rare. Fans feel like they have an acute understanding and familiarity of what Carner has been through, after listening to his achingly open lyrics and each fan can relate to his family history which is poetically documented in his music. 

His recently released album, 'Yesterday's Gone', is breakthrough and I can't praise it enough; his deeply personal and internalised subject matter ensures that Carner is far from your typical MC. 

Yesterday's [hip hop, that is] is gone and I for one, am in love with Carner's deeply internalised version of hip hop. You heard it hear first, Loyle Carner is definitely one to watch this year.

Antonia x 


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